Chapter One: Death of a King

At some hour either before or after midnight on the 4th or 5th January, King Edward passed, leaving Harold Godwinson his kingdom and crown. “The king is dead! Long live King Harold!”

The Road to Hastings and other Stories

The events of 1066 were to change the face of England forever. Her landscape, her laws and customs, and her great ruling dynasties, were changed forever. As we approach the 950th anniversary of the Battle of Hastings, here on my website, I will be posting a series of blogs each month, to commemorate the events that led up to the great battle in which the flower of English youth lost their lives. We will be taking a sightseeing tour of the background to what happened and as we journey through the year chronologically, we’ll be exploring what motivated Harold to take the throne instead of backing the young, inexperienced Edgar, and why William believed he had a right to cross the sea, vanquish the English, kill their chosen king, and take the English throne for himself.

Bayeux_Tapestry_scene51_Battle_of_Hastings_Norman_knights_and_archers-300x109 The Battle of Hastings on the Bayeux Tapestry

For the nobles of England, gathered in the Great Hall that…

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2 thoughts on “Chapter One: Death of a King

    1. Yes the Bayeux Tapestry, although not really a Tapestry but an embroidered wall hanging, is for us and amazing piece of work as it tells the story of what happened that year and is backed up by sources. It’s such a shame that it is full of ambiguity. But for historical novelists like myself, it’s a godsend, because I can present my interpret within the narrative with impunity! Thanks for coming along, Christopher.

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