Introducing the Poynings – Part II, Rebellion and Recovery

I just love anything Sussex!

Bev's Historical Yarns

Michael Poynings, Adam’s heir was first seen actively managing the Sussex lands in 1202. He secured a grant of a market in Crawley, paying King John a fine of a Norwegian hawk[1]. It is difficult to build a picture of Michael, as he is a shadowy figure in the records. He never appears in the extant de Warenne records as a witness to grants or charters. Nor does he appear to make any of his own. The evidence suggests he might have been a bit of an outsider, his loyalties shifting with the turbulent tides of John’s reign.

He married a Norfolk widow, Margaret de Cailly in 1206[2]. Whether he had a previous marriage is unknown but there are conflicting years of birth for his heir Thomas. If he was born in 1202, then Michael was married before. If Thomas arrived in 1206, then he either…

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