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As an historical author who is interested in presenting fiction that is as close to the evidence as it can be, I have often wondered, “What sort of homes did they live in? Would an arrow pierce a man’s armour? What was it like to fight in a shieldwall? What was it like to grind flour all day? What kind of people were the Anglo Saxons?” It is these details that an author needs to familiarise her/himself with in order to create a world that is an accurate representation of the period in which they write. Otherwise you may make some of the blunders I have read  in Historical-fiction, such as sugar being used in dark age cooking, potatoes being cultivated before they were discovered and velvet being worn before it was available.

LIVING HISTORY  – not only do we writers of the past need to know what happened when, why and where, we also need to have a detailed knowledge of the lives of the people we write about. Here on my blogsite, is a place for me to consolidate research and discuss and present the real stories behind the lives of my characters, both fictional and nonfictional.

1066,  was a pivotal year in our English history and what has prompted me to talk about 1066 in detail is the anniversary of this great event 950 years ago in this year of 2016. Here you will find posts that include the factors that influenced the events of that year, as well as studying the background to the Battles that occurred that year to bring the Anglo-Saxon English to their knees.

The information on this site has contributed to producing my Sons of the Wolf series which can  be purchased on the following links.

Sons of the Wolf Book One

Sons of the Wolf: The Wolf Banner Book Two

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