“The Wolf Banner is an absolutely astounding achievement’.

‘This vivid novel is one of the best Conquest novels I have read. It presents a sense of the ordinary person’s existence during the mid eleventh century as well as that of nobles and a king. Wulfhere and his family experience many trials and tribulations, misfortunes of love, a long established feud with dire consequences for them all as they live their daily lives on their Horstead Manor until the men go to fight on the Welsh marches. A reader becomes aware of the land’s hierarchy and duty owed by a thegne to his lord. The book successfully investigates two noble families, their alliances and their feuds – The Godwinsons of Wessex and their rivals for power in Mercia. The Wolf Banner is a superbly researched book with a saga feel to it, gorgeous detail such as the Banner itself; research is carefully integrated into a page-turning very brilliant novel beautifully written, inhabited by unforgettable fully realised characters with fully realised and interesting emotional lives. I loved every absorbing character and chapter and look forward to reading the third part of the series.” – Carol McGrath author of the Daughters of Hastings series

“Paula Lofting’s historical narrative is gripping, and she effortlessly pulls the reader into the midst of the action. Her characters are well-defined and compelling, and we come out of the novel with an enhanced understanding of just how destructive a bitter feud can be.” – Review of Sons of the Wolf by Mercedes Rochelle – author of The Last of the English Earls