The Historical Writers Forum is a facebook community where writers of any competence in their writing career can seek advice and support from their fellows in a safe and helping milieu. Some of its members collaborate a couple of times a year in a themed approach blog hop and this is where you will find news about the latest hop. If you are interested in joining our Facebook group please pop along to Historical Writers Forum and to see what’s happening on the Facebook Blog Page

Our Latest Blog Hop

Christmas is on its way and its time to give away books in the Icelandic fashion! A band of Historical Writers have got together and we are planning a give away spectacular! Join in the fun this holiday time and you could find yourself the owner of a multitude of free books!

Dec 3rd Sharon Bennett Connolly

History the Interesting Bits

Dec 4th Alex Marchant

Alex Marchant Blog

Dec 5th Cathie Dunn

Cathie Dunn Blog

Dec 6th Jennifer C Wilson

Jennifer C Wilson Writer

Dec 8th Danielle Apple

Danielle Apple .com

Dec 9th Angela Rigley

Authory Antics

Dec 10th Christine Hancock

Byrhtnoth | A boy who became a man. The man who was Byrhtnoth.

Dec 12th Janet Wertman


Dec 13th Vanessa Couchman

Vanessa Couchman Writer

Dec 14th Sue Barnard

Broad thoughts from a home

Dec 15th Wendy J Dunn

Wendy J

Dec 16th Margaret Skea

Home – Margaret Skea, Author

Dec 17th Nancy Jardine

Nancy Jardine Blog

Dec 18th Tim Hodkinson

Tim Hodkinson Blog

Dec 19th Salina Baker

Salina Baker Author Blog

Dec 20th Paula Lofting

1066: The Road to Hastings and Other Stories

Dec 21st Nicky Moxey

Dec 22nd Samantha Wilcoxson

Samantha Wilcoxson Blog

Dec 23rd Jen Black

Jen Black Blog

Dec 24th Lynn Bryant

Lynn Bryant Blog

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