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Our Latest Blog Hop

Excited as I am to tell you about our latest endeavour, I am hoping you will join us on our latest HWF blog hop. This time we have really pushed the boundaries and published a fabulous collection of historical ghost stories.

You can download your copy or order a paperback after Friday the 8th of October at

Ten of us have got together to write this anthology, each in a different time setting starting with the Roman period and ending in 1960.

Below is a schedule of our blog hops and the links. We hope you will join us to get fascinating insights into the history and inspiration behind the stories!

October 3rd Sharon Bennett Connolly : History the Interesting bits
October 4th : Judith Arnopp
October 5th: D. Apple
October 6th: K.S. Barton
October 7th Paula Lofting: 1066: The Road to Hastings and Other Stories
October 8th Samantha Wilcoxson:
October 11th Simon Turney
October 12th Lynn Bryant: Blogging With Labradors
October 13th Jennifer C Wilson: Historical Fiction With Spirit
October 14th: Stephanie Churchill October 15th Sharon Bennett Connolly: History the Interesting Bits


So its that time of the year again and for our springtime hop we are going very scandalous this year!

Meet the authors participating! Including of course ME!

Please see the schedule at the bottom of the post for all the blog hop links.

Lynn Bryant – Born in London, The United Kingdom
Genre Historical FictionRomanceHistory

Lynn Bryant was born and raised in London’s East End. She studied History at University and had dreams of being a writer from a young age. Since this was clearly not something a working class girl made good could aspire to, she had a variety of careers including a librarian, NHS administrator, relationship counsellor and manager of an art gallery before realising that most of these were just as unlikely as being a writer and took the step of publishing her first book.

She now lives in the Isle of Man and is married to a man who understands technology, which saves her a job, and has two teenage children and a labrador. History is still a passion, with a particular enthusiasm for the Napoleonic era and the sixteenth century. When not writing she plays with her dog, reads anything that’s put in front of her and makes periodic and unsuccessful attempts to keep a tidy house.

“An Unwilling Alliance” the first book in the Manxman series was shortlisted for the 2019 Society for Army Historical Research fiction prize.

Cathie Dunn Website
Twitter @cathiedunn
Genre Historical FictionRomanceMystery
Influences M.M. KayeVictoria HoltGeorgette HeyerElizabeth Chadwick…more

I write historical fiction, mystery and romance. My novels have garnered praise for their authentic historical descriptions. They tend to be set in places I have visited or where I have lived.

After many years in Scotland, I currently live in the south of France.

I’m a member of the Historical Novel Society and the Alliance of Independent Authors.

Alex Marchant:

Born in The United Kingdom
Twitter @AlexMarchant84
Genre Children’sHistorical FictionYoung Adult

Born and raised in the rolling Surrey downs, and following stints as an archaeologist and in publishing in London and Gloucester, I now live surrounded by moors in King Richard III’s northern heartland, working as a freelance copyeditor, proofreader and, more recently, independent author of books for children aged 10+.
My first novel, Time out of Time (forthcoming), won the 2012 Chapter One Children’s Book Award, and my second was put on the backburner in 2013 at the announcement of the discovery of King Richard’s grave in a car park in Leicester. As a Ricardian since my teens, that momentous announcement prompted me to write about the real Richard III for older children (there being no such book available), and so The Order of the White Boar and its recently released sequel The King’s Man were born.
The Order of the White Boar has been described by the Bulletin of the Richard III Society as ‘a wonderful work of historical fiction for both children and adults’ and The King’s Man as ‘a brilliant, gripping, heart-wrenching sequel’
The third book in the sequence, King in Waiting, will be published in 2021, together with a standalone timeslip book, Time out of Time, set in the legendary hot summer of 1976.
I have also edited two anthologies for short stories inspired by King Richard III, Grant Me the Carving of My Name and Right Trusty and Well Beloved…, both sold in support of Scoliosis Association UK (SAUK).

Salina B Baker :

Twitter SalinaBBaker
Genre Historical FictionFantasyParanormal

Salina is a multiple award winning author and avid student of Colonial America and the American Revolution. Her lifelong passion for history and all things supernatural led her to write historical fantasy. Reading, extensive traveling and graveyard prowling with her husband keep that passion alive. Salina lives in Austin, Texas and is a member of The Writers’ League of Texas.

Read an excerpt from her debut novel, Angels & Patriots, no strings attached!

Samantha Wilcoxson: Bornin The United States April 12
Twitter @carpe_librum
Genre Historical FictionHistoryChristian
Influences Sharon Kay Penman, CJ Sansom, Charlotte Bronte, Edith Wharton

Writer of historical fiction and sufferer of wanderlust, Samantha enjoys exploring the lives of historical figures through research and visiting historic places. Certain that no person is ever purely good or evil, she strives to reveal the deep emotions and motivations of those she writes about, enabling readers to connect with historical figures in a unique way. Samantha is an American writer with British roots and proud mother of three amazing young adults. She can frequently be found lakeside with a book in one hand and glass of wine in the other.


May 3rd

Visit Lynn Bryant’s Blog The Wellesley Family: Historical Scandals

May 4th

Visit Paula Lofting‘s Blog: Swegn Godwinson – An 11th Century Scandal

May 5th

Visit Cathie Dunn’s Blog – A Touch of Poison

May 6th

Visit Alex Marchant’s Blog

May 7th

Visit Salina B Baker’s Blog

May 8th

Visit Samantha Wilcoxson’s Blog

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  1. Hi, great collection of historical writers here. I was wondering if you would also be interested in including my friend, author and speach writer, Lindsay Jacob, who is both a historical fiction and non-fiction writer. He has created a webpage called Father Eadred who is an Anglo-Saxon priest and murder mystery sleuth.

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